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September 25, 2012
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One rank one pension scheme: Jubilation gives way to scepticism Surya Gangadharan, CNN-IBNNew Pension Scheme 2012 Invest in Best Retirement Plan Get High Returns & Future Benefits! Ulipindia.co.in/Pension-Scheme Home Loan EMI Calculator How much EMI will you have to pay? The original ApnaPaisa calculator Apnapaisa.com/EmiCalculatorAds by Google0inShareShare on TumblrClick to play videoNew Delhi: India's nearly 23 lakh ex-military personnel have a reason to celebrate. The government has finally conceded theiRead More

September 22, 2012
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PASAAYADAAN----BY GREAT SAINT DNYAANESHWAR-- ENGLISH TRANSLATIONLet now the Universal God be praised and let him be pleased by this offerings of words and let him grant me this noble gift let the way laids be brought to the path of good and let there be brotherhood on this earth let the ill thinkers see the light of truth let universe see all religions' Sun Light and humanity be granted the boon of its wishes let the believers (of truth and God) increase and they achieve the greatest of the heights in theirRead More

September 03, 2012
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उसासलेल्या  संध्याकाळी  चेहेरा  तुझा   डोळ्यापुढे  आठवण  होऊन  आणि   जखम   अजुनी   भळभळे मी  तुला  जा  म्हणोनी  नाही  कधीही  बोलले  काळीज  ठुकारावुनी  तरीही  तूच  माझे  तोडले  आज  ओल्या  झाल्या  पुन्हा  या  उरीच्या  वेदना  हाक  तरीही  मारू  न  शकलो  मी  तुला  स्मरता  पुन्हा  एकदा  येवून  जा  मी  कधी  म्हणणार  नाही  वेदना  समजून  घे  मी  कधी  म्हणणार  नाही  तू  तुझ्या  ह्रिदयात  आता  स्मरण  कधीही  ठेवू  नको  फक्त  मी  गेल्यावरी  जमले  तरी  येवून  जा  आसवे  नाही  तरीहि  काटे पुन्Read More

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