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April 24, 2012
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HIMALAYAS OF SPIRITUALITY In the wee hours of the greyish dawn The peaks of Himalaya shine like gold and silver Rising far above the clouds below standing majestically in their divine royalty Here in the ashram with closed eyes in meditation I see another Himalaya--Himalaya of spirituality! With peaks of great Masters of the past and present Rising in unsurpassed glory above all humanity and mundane clouds of materiality The Himalaya outside awes me but I am awed more by the one within I see the Ganga oRead More

April 04, 2012
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वाट चालताना कधी वाट चालताना कधी धूसर क्षितिजे का व्हावी का निघालो वाटेवर या मनास काही न कळावे बाजूच्या झाडास पाहुनी लहानपण का आठवावे पाऊलवाट ओळखीची वाटते मातीचा अन गंध जाणतादगडांच्या ठेचा आठवणीच्या आणि वेदना जुनी पुराणी संध्येच्या सावल्या वाटती सोयरीतल्या जुन्या मैत्रिणी एक सूर बासरीचा येतो दूर वरीच्या राना मधुनी काळीजातल्या दर्दाला तो फुंकर घाली हळुवार सुरांनी Read More

April 04, 2012
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आधुनिक मनाचे ई -श्लोक --- स्वामी 'RAM' दास (समर्थाची क्षमा मागून ) मना सज्जना फेस बुक पंथेची जावे तरी नेट हरी पाविजेतो स्वभावे केल्याने क्लिक होत आहे रे आधी क्लिक केलेची पाहिजेRead More

April 03, 2012
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CIVIL – MILITARY RELATIONS IN INDIA by Brigadier V Mahalingam (Retired)       1.            Sacrifice by military men is the end product of a sacred unwritten commitment between the country and the soldiers that while a soldier will not hesitate to protect the nation’s interest even at the cost of his life, the country on its part will undertake to provide him with dignity and honor besides taking care of him and his family at a time when he is unable to support his family eitherRead More

April 03, 2012
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Art of Survival in a Corrupt System-- II  Any one who wants to remain clean in an other wise corrupt system must trade his steps extremely carefully and must be very alert all the time to see that he does not break any rule. How ever I remember advise given to me by an elderly auditor whom I approached to ask same question as to this. His advise was--1. If you notice any wrong be the first one to point it and accept that mistake has been committed. This will send a healthy message down the line that you areRead More

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