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May 18, 2012
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Am I happy to read this? Well extremely happy since I feel I have played a small contributory role in this respect by way of my own Ph D research on the practice of Meditation by Managers for Effective Management. When I undertook this research many thought it to be unscientific, weird even! I feel extremely happy that today my views have been vindicated and the world considers Meditation a science! The International Symposia for Contemplative Studies: A Landmark Event If you had wandered byRead More

May 17, 2012
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तिमिरातुन तेजाकडे अन्धाराचि काळी पिल्ले प्रकाशाच्या गरुडा पासुन किती वेळ लपून राहणार सूर्याचा प्रत्येक किरण घेउन येतो तेजाचि नविन पालवी एक आणी बहरुन टाकतो श्रुश्टिच्या कणा कणाला तोन्ड लपवून पळ्तात मग भुते खेते अभद्राची दूर एका दव बिन्दूत साकारतो विश्वाचा अलौकिक नजारा उघडा डोळे बघा पुन्हा रे त्या अलौकिकाचा खेळ निराळाRead More

May 17, 2012
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India is a country of extremes and opposites--- consider this----India has the capacity to launch a satellite but majority of Indians in rural area depend on 'bullock cart' for conveyance!--India has some of the richest of the peoples living in and out of India yet it also has a vast population that as per the official records have to survive on less than Rs 20/- per day!--India boasts of the largest technically qualified engineers in the world some have done wonders outside India yet it has not bRead More

May 16, 2012
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मी सूर्यास विचारले इतकी वण्वण कर्तोस दिवस् भर काय पाकेज मिळते रे तुला तशि पोस्ट चान्ग् लि आहे माझी पण क्वालि फ़िकेशन कमी पडते थोडे हसुन म्हणाला तो मलाRead More

May 11, 2012
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कभी ये खामोशी कभी ये खामोशी गुंजती है कानो मी ऐसे कभी ये अंधेरा रोशन करता है एक नजारा ऐसे कभी तुम न आकर भी आकर दिल मे बसती हो ऐसे कभी उदास हो कर भी हम खुश रहते है जैसे Read More

May 09, 2012
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President's private house for retirement of more than 4500 sqft in A-1 (BEST) category defence land ad measuring 4 lakh sqft in Pune being constructed officially by the Southern Command Engineers as per Defence Ministry orders! She deserves Bharat Ratna for this! After having incurred crores of Rs on foreign tours along with the entire family this really takes the cake! Mera Bharat Mahan!When will we get rid of this colonial luxury office which is huge waste of Government money?Read More

May 09, 2012
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Oh why?oh why is it that we always do things we dislikeyes we have to many times since its not in our handsto decide what to do and what not to doyet when we have the choice why oh why we do things we dislike such aswhen we want to simply be and do nothingoh why we click on the remote and watch senseless soaps full of non senseor when we want to listen to the morning cuckoo call and just loosethe self in that paused momentoh why we look at the stupid clockthat tells us nothing but a mechanical moveof two haRead More

May 07, 2012
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mushkile asaan hoti hain dil ke dard ko sukun milta hai baat sab manane na manane ki hai jab badal garajate hai tabhhi to baarish hoti हीमुश्किले आसान होती हैदिल के दर्द को सुकून मिलता है बात सब मानने न मानने की है जब बादल गरजते है तभी तो बारीश होती हैRead More

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